Adding a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Button to your GPTs

Adding a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Button to your GPTs

Incorporating a tipping button not only offers a direct way for your audience to show their appreciation but also provides a subtle yet effective method for financial support. This feature can enhance the user experience by allowing users to express gratitude in a tangible way, fostering a stronger connection between creators and their audience.

How to Implement the Tipping Button

Add the Tipping Prompt: Insert a friendly, non-intrusive message in your GPT’s output, encouraging users to consider tipping. For example:

Loved how Open Source Alternative helped you out today? Let's grab some coffee!
 [![Buy Me a Coffee](](

This should allow your GPTs to output a button like below:

Buy Me a Coffee


By adding a tipping button to your custom GPTs, you open up a new channel for support and appreciation from your users. It's a simple yet impactful way to enhance your creations and sustain your projects. Try it out and see how your audience responds. Your innovation and dedication, coupled with user support, can lead to amazing developments in the world of AI and custom GPTs!

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