FINESTRA Miner (Helium) Setup Common Issues

FINESTRA Miner (Helium) Setup Common Issues

So you paid $1,000 for the FINESTRA Miner, and now you're trying to set it up and it's taking forever. Don't worry, this post will cover all of your problems and remedy them. All you need is patience and faith in the process, which is the blockchain process. You've downloaded the app, turned on the miner, and linked it to your wallet, but it still reads "pending" after 15 to 30 minutes.

Here's how to resolve it:
1) Tap on the name of the Miner.
2) Tap the setting cog icon.
3) Tap on Pair in the " Update Wi-Fi or Run Diagnostics".
Unable to discover the miner? No problem! On the FINESTRA Miner press the black button twice. If you see the LED blink Blue and Green, your miner is now in bluetooth mode.
Now repeat step 3 and you should be able to discover your miner.

Tap on the Miner once it has been detected, and it will reveal information about your miner. In your location, it will no longer say 'null,null'. When you click the miner and press the progress box, some stages will be pending and some will be finished. Now all you have to do is trust the process and let the Helium Block Chain network do the heavy lifting to get the hotspot Miner up and operating. Do not be concerned; it may take a few days. In no time, you'll be making money. It's going to be fantastic!

For a visual description, see the photos below:

This image shows step 1.
This shows step 2
This shows how to do step 3
This Image shows what the LED ligts means on the hotspot Miner and how to activate FinestraMiner bluetooth (Source: