How To Purchase $Shkooby Inu Token using Coinbase Wallet

How To Purchase $Shkooby Inu Token using Coinbase Wallet

Trying to catch the next sensation? Here is a quick and easy way to lock in some $SHKOOBY INU!

1) Purchase some Ethereum token on Coinbase Exchange or any other exchange of your choice. This would be a little more than the dollar amount you want to invest in $Shkooby Inu. (Consider GAS fees, which are also paid in Ethereum).

2) Download and Install the app and extension for Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, or any other crypto wallet of your choice.

3) Transfer or Send funds you purchased on Coinbase exchange to your Coinbase wallet.

4) Go to, click "Launch App", and click "Connect to a Wallet". Choose the Coinbase or preferred wallet.

5) In the Swap tab, for the top token select Ethereum and for the bottom token search for Shkooby. Click Import.

You are ready to finally hop on aboard the $SHKOOBY INU rocket ship! 🚀

6) Enter the amount of Ethereum you'd like to swap for some Shkooby Inu, be mindful of the gas fees when selecting this amount. You should now get an estimate of how much Shkooby Inu you will be receiving.


✳️ Click the "Swap" button, verify your purchase, hit that "Confirm Swap" button, and now you should be prompted on your wallet app or extension for the final confirmation. Once you confirm that, you will have officially purchased $Shkooby Inu!

Congratulations! Once the transaction is complete, in a couple of moments you will see $SHKOOBY INU in your wallet as a Custom ERC20 token. 🥳

If your using an alternative wallet like MetaMask, you won't see the tokens until you add a custom token going to "Import Tokens" > Custom Token > Token Address: 0x29a5c1db7321c5c9eae57f9366ee8eef00ca11fb > the remaining fields should populate. Click "Import" and you should now see the Shkooby Inu token in your wallet.

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