InvisQi - Invisible Wireless Charger

InvisQi - Invisible Wireless Charger

Your desk setup needs this invisible wireless charger. How many times have you left your phone on the desk forgetting to charge it and when you needed the phone the most, it's battery was dead? Many times we presume. If you've experienced this then InvisQi is the charger for you.

There are many wireless chargers on the market but they all are visible to the eye and take up desk space making your charging experience not as pleasant. This charger mounts on the bottom of your desk allowing your desk to literally become a charger, effectively making your dumb desk into a smart desk.

InvisQi charges through surfaces of between 18-30mm (0.7"-1.18")with ease and safety. It is the worlds longest distance furniture wireless charger with up to 10W power output.

I have an habit of placing down my phone besides my keyboard when working. So I decided to mount InvisQi right besides my keyboard under the desk. After a bit of calibration from the LED tool provided by InvisQi, I pin pointed the perfect spot that aligns with my phone allowing it to charge.

Phone charging with InvisQi installed under desk

I know my desk so I know where to place my phone to get it to charge. However, for those who do need an indicator, InvisQi was kind enough to provide a sticker that you can place on your desk right where the InvisQi charger is making it easy for you and anyone else who uses your desk to know exactly where to place the phone to charge it.

InvisQi Charging Sticker and LED Testing Tool

Get your InvisQi charger by visiting and turn your dumb desk into a smart desk today!