$SHKOOBY INU Token Launched on Ethereum Blockchain

$SHKOOBY INU Token Launched on Ethereum Blockchain

Shkooby Inu is officially being launched, with a series of products that will bring utility across the meme-coin universe. The Shkooby Plan below introduces several essential pieces of the puzzle, which will bring an enormous use-case for $SHKOOB.

Listed on November 3rd, $SHKOOBY did well over over 100M in volume and it has over 2k holders.

Launch Day Stats:
✅ $140 Million Volume
✅ $150 Million Market Cap
✅ 2,000 Holders
✅ 2,600 Telegram Members
✅ 1,400 Twitter Followers

Twitter: @DaCryptoGhost

This is just the beginning though, if you felt you missed out on Shibu, then this is your chance to get in on the meme coin scene. Go swap your crypto for $Shkooby on Uniswap now!

How to purchase:

How To Purchase $Shkooby Inu Token using Coinbase Wallet
Trying to catch the next sensation? Here is a quick and easy way to lock in some $SHKOOBY INU [https://interestingsoup.com/shkooby-inu-listed/]! 1) Purchase some Ethereum token on Coinbase[http://coinbase.com/join/quresh_kcb?src=ios-link…


✉️ Contract address: 0x29A5c1Db7321C5c9EaE57F9366eE8eef00cA11fb

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/cLjHRbhzOS03YTY0

📊 DexTools: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0xbbbf1426cbe8509ef58451ab7ad67cb74866e3fa

🦄 Buy on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x29a5c1db7321c5c9eae57f9366ee8eef00ca11fb


$SHKOOB will aim to bring utility across the entire meme-coin universe. We begin with releasing products relevant to our native token, $SHKOOB, but will proceed with releasing SHKOOBY SWAP, a dedicated farm for dog coins, with the most Shkoobielicious rewards.

Let me break down the essential plan and how we are going to take over the meme-coin space.


The SHKOOBY FARM is our very first product. Its purpose is simple. Bring initial use-case to $SHKOOB, attracting whales with our Shkoobielicious rewards.

We will include incredibly scarce NFTs, only 200 initially released for those who stake $SHKOOB tokens in our Shkooby Farm.

Want some Shkooby snacks, anyone? Let me break it down.

  • Stake SHKOOBY earn NFTs (1st 200)
  • Buy NFTs using SHKOOBY (2nd 200)
  • NFTs used in future game (Haunted Mansion)
  • NFTs used to earn future SHNACKs (2nd token)


The Shkooby Swap will include the biggest Dog Coins in the market, giving your favorite dog coin additional utility.

Farm, swap, earn, lend and become the king of the meme citadel. (Think, the $OHM of meme-coins).

  • Farms For Dog Coins (Elon, Shiba, Floki, Saitama)
  • Swaps for SHKOOBYxxx
  • Lending (SHKOOBY DOLA) APYs


Missed out on the cryptopunks movement? Too bad.

I, however, will give you the second-best option. SHKOOBY PUNKS.

But even better than that. I will give actual USE-CASE to my NFTs. The beloved Shkooby character NFTs will be needed to play my game, The HAUNTED MANSION.

  • Collections — SHKOOBY PUNKS — 8bit JPGs
  • Game NFTs — SHKOOBY Characters (needed to play the game)

4. SHKOOBY SHNACKs (token 2)

Are you ready to use one of the most high-earning farm & swap in the market? Introducing $SHKNACK, our second token that will increase your earnings by tenfold. Try to keep your tongue straight for this one. 👇

  • Stake NFTs earn SHNACKs
  • Stake SHKOOBY earn SHNACKs
  • Stake SHNACKs earn SCHNACKs (APY 100%)
  • SHNACKs official game currency


The last, essential piece of my creation. The Haunted Mansion.

  • Treasure Hunt to find more SHKOOBY NFTs and SHNACKs
  • 10–99 Levels
  • NFT Marketplace to trade SHKOOBY NFTs using SHKOOBY/SHNACKs as currency


SHKOOBY INU is all about our community, the SHKOOBY GANG. Therefore, we are bound by two very simple principles that will cement our fundamental values.

  1. NO PRESALE, NO PRIVATE SALE, NO NASTY SEED BUYERS, AND NO VCs. The crypto market is filled with dirty, sleazy, and disgusting people whose only purpose is to fill their own pockets first.

Shkooby INU is here to change that. I, CEO Doobie will ensure that this project is fairly launched, with 100% of the tokens circulating the market from the very beginning. The only force that can move the price is the will of the people, the free market. We are the essence of crypto, building upon the true virtues of decentralization. Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

2. Tokenomics.

100% of the $SHKOOB supply will be circulating the market. The community itself will be the steering the course of this project. In addition, I am locking the liquidity for over ONE YEAR.

Can you feel the dedication already? Good.

Let’s get those SHKOOBY SNACKS.

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