Access ChatGPT anywhere through our IS Mattermost instance

Access ChatGPT anywhere through our IS Mattermost instance


Anyone who purchased our $1 a month plan will be grandfathered in and your subscription will not be changed.

Interestingly, although ChatGPT is available for everyone to use, it has been brought to our attention that people are having trouble accessing it whether they are international users who are restricted from accessing ChatGPT's site or users who are unable to supply a phone number when registering for an account. We have noticed that even with quick instructions on how to register using a Google account and more, people still mention that they are unable to access it.

After asking a wide variety of users in various ChatGPT-related groups and chats how much they would be willing to pay, the average response ended up being $5. We will be starting off the pilot program at $1 a month and will eventually increase the price. Therefore, the team here at InterestingSoup decided to open up our Mattermost instance to the public, which has ChatGPT deployed and integrated through OpenAI API. You can now have access to our ChatGPT bot at the palm of your hand anytime. All conversations are retained in thread format, making it easier to revisit any previous prompts you had. Each thread is like a different session, so any special prompt you have would be isolated specifically to that thread.

All of this is being hosted on a dedicated server, ensuring there is no downtime between you and ChatGPT.

To gain access, subscribe to the ChatGPT tier, and you will receive an email invitation to our Mattermost instance.