What is Coronavirus ( COV-19) and how does it spread? You will not find the answer to those questions in this article. What you will find is the sources that can be used to get great statistical and reliable information. The questions these sources can answer are, but not limited to is how many total deaths, total recovered, how many global confirmed cases and infections of COV-19 have been there so far. Lets start with the first source cocid19info, which has a graphical interface that will answer many questions for you. Then there is Gisanddta which is by John Hopkins CSSE with data displayed by heat maps and other great grapical presentable infromaton about COV-19. Lastly there is isitcanceledyet, which is website that tells you if an event has been effected by COVID19 meaning if the event has been canceled. Is the Summer Olypics canceled? Click the link above to find out!

The main landing page for Covid19.info
Landing page of isitcanceledyet.