You may have heard of IPO (initial public offering) of companies, ICO (initial coin offering of cryptocurrency but never IPO of humans. HumanIPO is a start up leading the next wave of IPO in humans. It works the same as traditional investing, you believe in a company you invest in it and when the company shares get high you sell it off. HumanIPO works the same way except you invest in a person and their time. The basic fundamental of investment are applied here ROI(return of investment) and buy low sell high. As the person value goes up the value of their time goes up. The platform has been made to discover the most upcoming promising people. It can also serve as means to have people invest in you and your time.

How HumanIPO Plateform works.
The landing page after signing up and logging in.
The dashboard of applying for your IPO.
The trading floor for HumanIPO