Myles (founder) in front of the event lineup board.

In the Haight – Ashbury lies Uncanny Valley (UV), a creative cyberpunk community space in San Francisco with a dystopian ambiance designed to inspire creativity. It is a cyberpunk space in which there are events like movie nights, digital art nights, game jams, and more to come. UV is for creative like minded people to come together, it hosts co-working drop in hours to be productive and inspire great ideas. UV was founded by Myles O’Neill, who wanted to create a creative community space that was different. He brought his idea in to reality in  7 months. Fast forward February 25th UV hosted their official 3rd event, you can find a line of their events here. I actually attended an UV event recently which was amazing. As I entered the Valley it was as if I was living in a scene from ELECTRODIAZEPAM 0000.  The most interesting lighting, the best futuristic background and displays, neon lights galore, and great industrial futurist design was being displayed. The event was about writing, reading, and sharing stories about or related  to the given topic. If you could not physically be at UV the Discord channel was active, they even had a one of the community member share their story on the UV discord channel, which everyone enjoyed.  Everyone shared laughs, good vibes,  and made great memories. If you are interested in visiting UV they have a Facebook group page, Patreon, and Eventbright page you can visit to find out more information.