What is Slate Star Codex (SSC)? SSC is a blog about science, medicine, philosophy, politics, and futurism by Scott Alexander in 2013. According to some critiques his blog is about anti-feminism, scientism, reductionism, rape culture, cultural relativism, scientific racism, nerd mythology, intellectual elitism, transhumanism, colonialism, anti-AI craze, pro-AI craze, and belief in the institution of psychiatry. The SSC author recently started podcasts and has 280 archived with a new one coming out every day or every other day. The Podcasts are about blogs posted by Scott. According to Jocha Bach, Slate Star Codex is the blog of a highly intelligent and widely interested rationalist humanist. Scott Alexander's rationalist inclinations are quite possibly related to the autism spectrum tendencies of non-normative thinking and high systematizing (he also has tactile hypersensitivity and hyperlexia traits). Scott combines some very rare virtues that make him one of the most interesting writers and his blog on the Internet right now.

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