Quarantined? City on shutdown? Curfew? Borders closed? Travel restricted? Social gatherings prohibited? Isolation from society?  It is the perfect time to get the ultimate gaming bed the recent events of COVID-19, everyone is planning on staying indoors until the epidemic is over. Odditymall has the perfect gaming bed for anyone who wants to stay indoor and enjoy their time while having everything at their fingertip. "This isn't the ultimate bed, it's the ultimate gaming bed! There's a big difference between being very functional and luxurious, to just fully removing you from society. Though I guess that could be said about both beds. Created and sold by a Japanese furniture manufacturer called Bauhutte, the company  has come up with a bed that a gamer really never really has to leave  (barring the toilet), and includes mounted screens, shelving that  surrounds you for food, drinks, and everything else you'll need while  gaming, and even a screen mount to hover over you while you sleep so  you'll never be without a screen in your face" (Odditymall.com). They also have other gaming setup furniture that are pretty epic. Odditymall is your one stop for gaint inflatable lobesters to small pen holders. If you have extra money and do not know what to do with check out Odditymall for some the crazyiest things to buy on the internet.

The Ultimate Gaming bed.
Another great setup if the ultimate bed is too much for someone to handel.
Keep your self in quarantine while in quarantine.
Great racing setup and perfect use of screens.