Since the COVID-19 epidemic started there has been a influx utilization of online or remote working tools. The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( EFF) is one of  the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world, which has posted an article titled “What You Should Know About Online Tools During the COVID-19 Crisis”. The article talks about Slack and your data privacy concern. The difference between free version and paid version. Bottomline in the free version all the information is stored and you have no say over it, the paid version you can set a shorter retention span for the data to be stored, but it will get deleted. Then it talks about Zoom, which has the potential of monitoring the attendees activities while screen sharing. The host can see when the attendee screen is not active as an indicator if the attendee is participating or not. The administrator has complete control and monitoring abilities such as how, when and where the users are using zoom. They can see total number of meeting minutes including video, audio, transcript, chat files , sharing and analytics. Tools. Zoom allows administrators to see meeting users operating system, device information,  and location data of each participant. The Administrator can join any meeting in the organization at any given moment without a warning or consent of the attendee. The article talks about schools moving online learning and surveillance. It talks about Telehealth and Non-HIPAA platform, tools for assessing risk and staying safe online.